WinSwitch 3.0 released

I am very pleased to announce the immediate availability of WinSwitch version 3.0. This is a major update to the popular replacement for Apple’s Fast User Switching menu which packs in a large number of great new features and fixes all known issues. Highlights that were introduced in the beta include a brand new preferences panel and the ability to set a customizable hot key to take you back to the login window. See the full list of changes.

WinSwitch is freeware, but I depend on donations to cover the costs of distribution and development, so please consider making a contribution, no matter how small. I have some wonderful ideas for improving WinSwitch, but I need your financial support to implement them. Over the lifetime of the program, the total donation to download ratio is less than 4 in 1000.

If you haven’t yet tried WinSwitch yet, head over to the downloads page and take it for a spin!