Weekly progress report #6

Here comes another code-level progress report. As per usual, the standard disclaimers apply: this is just an overview of commits on the currently checked-out branch in each repository, so any work done on side branches doesn’t show up. The time limits involved are also only approximate, so some overlap or gap relative to the the last report is possible.


c620e48 Bump version number for 3.5.5a release
2e83076 Bump version number post-release
e95a3f9 Set up Leopard/Snow Leopard development branches
5ec4283 Move updated info plists into subfolders
c3be6dd Move categories into subfolders
0dca43b Move WOAudioscrobbler class files into subfolder
472df27 Move NSTimer category files
ca2b0da Remove extremely old beta notes
c0ebc5c Update buildtools 366d169..1bf82fa
fda515a Update buildtools 1bf82fa..93e282e
3d3022a Update WOPublic submodule 49f3b99..c76cba5
9257119 Clang: remove unused local variable
d0ae869 Clang: eliminate unnecessary clearing of local variables
597b6c6 Clang: fix two minor resource leaks
c8fa954 Update buildtools submodule 93e282e..6656431
7c280fe Clang: fix numerous warnings
c77a28e Clang: mark prefs controller as conforming to NSTextFieldDelegate

48 files changed, 1283 insertions(+), 1297 deletions(-)


b2081a0 Growl: silence hg-related build error
94f67d1 Growl: ignore Xcode fluff files
a044183 Growl: use same "build" and "build-intermediates" folders as Synergy Advance
1a86abf Growl: rename configurations to match recent defaults
0fa84e8 Add TODO note
2ecba15 Copy Growl framework along with other frameworks
08aa9f2 Growl: store real hg revision number
9360fb0 Update path for WOProcessLifetime import
856cba0 Remove obfuscation header and all references to it
b318e04 Update version header for Snow Leopard
ccd62b7 Drop ppc macros from version file
141e07a Update WOPublic submodule cdd54cd..651555f
395b5ba Squish a couple of compile errors
371c6dc Drop Cocoa header import
031ca95 Squish more compilation errors
af56591 Drop unnecessary import
0cf352a Update imports in NSMenuItem category
f93f316 Erradicate one more reference to the obfuscation header
533c6e0 Replace old singleton pattern in WOITunesMusicLibrary class
57b76b1 Remove dealloc method from WOITunesMusicLibrary singleton
8cc364a Fix syntax error
2e4ad12 Companion fix to 8cc364a

70 files changed, 864 insertions(+), 635 deletions(-)


eb8d139 Header tweaks
af2bf2a Switch WOPublic over to a submodule
4c2d555 Add buildtools as a submodule
b905b26 Update buildtools references in Xcode project
82830e0 Git: ignore "build" folder created by Xcode
0c984da Remove obfuscation header and all references to it
6b7b296 Update some imports
0fe5766 Remove redundant dealloc method
b4750ac More import updates
5fef29b Help WOProcessLifetime find its superclass
8e55a15 Update header for WOProcessLifetime.m
f71e38f WOProcessLifetime sanitization
5c9f76a Remove WOProcessLifetime (migrated to WOPublic)
8b4df7e Remove WOProcessManager class (migrate to WOPublic)
d0f73c2 Remove Xcode project references to migrated files
5d482f6 Update macro imports for NSArray creation category
c536a40 Update Synergy Advance version number for Snow Leopard branch
607470f Remove WOHost files

123 files changed, 344 insertions(+), 2334 deletions(-)


732fed9 Initial import of WOProcessLifetime class from WOCommon
5073a04 Add WOEnumerate.h reference to Xcode project file
a2d62d7 Add WOProcessLifetime references to Xcode project
3ea6121 Update WOProcessLifetime headers
0d49600 Initial import of WOProcessManager class (from WOCommon)
5abb920 Reformat WOProcessManager files for WOPublic
49f3b99 Add WOProcessManager references to Xcode project file
b86050d WOMemoryBarrier.h: drop PowerPC macros on Snow Leopard branch
651555f Update URL to more recent version of documentation
4839d41 Import WOHost files from WOCommon
f586333 Add BSD license header to WOHost files
ee27b38 Reformat WOHost code documentation to match WOPublic style
1d4c1bc Add references to WOHost files to Xcode project
5cc640e Fix compilation errors in WOHost
821cb27 Link to SystemConfiguration framework
aa7fde4 Update buildtools submodule 8fb8129..93e282e
c76cba5 Fix leak in -[WOLoginItem addToList:]

12 files changed, 1446 insertions(+), 41 deletions(-)


366d169 Remove legacy $Id$ tag
9b7d87b Rewrap README to 80 columns
40f3da0 Fix GPL references in the README
18ae5c3 Update README for buildtools as a Git submodule
64c03c6 README: indent paths to make them stand out
2ff2a43 README: remove "included tools" list
6044395 README: add notes on repository URLs and layout
aa40fda README: remove unnecessary references to enclosing directory
d49b922 README: add note on tags
1bf82fa Drop PowerPC support
04230fd README: update for Snow Leopard
93e282e Switch to Snow Leopard SDK
6656431 Switch to Clang/LLVM
1cd84ad ReleaseNotes.sh: handle submodules ahead of annotated tags
7d4e122 ReleaseNotes.sh: handle first release

5 files changed, 100 insertions(+), 70 deletions(-)


6870cc8 Add buildtools as a submodule
0d2d9db Update project references to buildtools files
779214e Name "Run script" build phase in Installer package target
e34e226 Git: ignore "build" folder created by Xcode
cec9fc1 Add reference to "Package.sh" file
38e4e43 Add LICENSE references to Xcode project
e38747e Add installer package references to Xcode project
46c2025 Add call to objc_startCollectorThread()
96e41a7 Add tag-release.sh script
e28ac43 Add "distro.sh" script
e9bb59c Add Xcode project references to scripts
34279a3 Add "Distro" target to Xcode project
dceb194 Update buildtools submodule 6656431..1cd84ad
1f3c7c0 Drop unnecessary import statement
199d036 Embed version/copyright information for what(1)
5156e74 Include product info in usage output
e5c1aff Enforce minimum system version requirement in installer package
8e5aff3 Update dates in man page
bb843c5 Xcode project file buzz
0469ca4 Bump version number for 2.0 release
965909f Update buildtools submodule 1cd84ad..7d4e122
1d5de3d Bump version number for 2.0.1 release
81e4736 Bump version number post-release
17fb9e0 distro.sh: distribute package file without zip wrapper

11 files changed, 292 insertions(+), 30 deletions(-)


78d01f8 Add buildtools as a submodule
62b163f Update references to buildtools files
2c675fd Rework references to buildtools
301e305 Rename "Run script" phase
12d5598 Remove unneeded PowerPC code
b40a583 Bump copyright dates in man page
6ef674f Bump version number for 2.0 release
a178978 Git: ignore "build" folder created by Xcode
55f53d7 Add call to objc_startCollectorThread()
0e3c1f6 Update buildtools submodule d49b922..6656431
ea7472a Add missing system header import
614072f Bump version number post-release
90217dd Enforce minimum system version in installer package
9b03d4d Add tag-release.sh script
dd77046 Add schema for "distro.sh" script
08867ea Add script references to Xcode project
7ffabdc distro.sh: implement tag checking
bfb53d7 Add "Distro" target
d41d08c Clarify comment
59abb4f Second phase of "distro.sh" (zip up package file)
65d9ca7 distro.sh: prepare source archive
85fcf47 distro.sh: include submodules in source archive
cf3e80b distro.sh: use temp directory to avoid cluttering up BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR
f96082e distro.sh: prepare release notes
8ce03a9 Update buildtools submodule 6656431..1cd84ad
961e477 distro.sh: prepare plaintext version of man page
f982362 Bump version number prior to 2.0.1 release
636af94 Make "tag-release.sh" script executable
de3fc6c Bump version number post-release
7336c47 Xcode project file buzz
33b56c0 distro.sh: distribute package file without zip wrapper

13 files changed, 246 insertions(+), 47 deletions(-)


96cbb03 CSS: right-pad blockquotes
b6909bd Update to Haml 2.2.3
bed7a88 Add "hide_from_front_page" field to Product model
d8846aa Add "hide from front page" checkbox to Product form

371 files changed, 16891 insertions(+), 16694 deletions(-)


14c1f92 Vim: add a.vim (alternate) plug-in version 2.18
151fab5 Vim: teach a.vim about Objective-C source code files
68509f5 Bash: export PYTHONPATH for the benefit of hg
f8a8493 Bash: Show current directory in Terminal tab
e328660 Git: add .gitignore file
afe3bd1 Git: add .gitk file
c0b1148 Vim: source matchit.vim

7 files changed, 1099 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)