Synergy Classic 1.8 released

Synergy Classic version 1.8 is now available for download (1MB). This release brings numerous fixes, features and updates, and there are 12 new free button sets in the gallery. Download, purchase or donate here, and retrieve your lost license codes here.

You may have noticed that in this announcement that I refer to it as "Synergy Classic" instead of just "Synergy". Back in November 2004 when I did the site redesign I started to change a lot of the Synergy references on the site to "Synergy Classic". This was to prepare the way for Synergy Advance and to help maintain a clear distinction between the two products. Now, with Synergy Advance just around the corner (2 May 2005 release) I’m going to start using the term "Synergy Classic" a lot more rigorously.