Synergy Advance added to the nightly builds schedule

Last month I began trialing the new nightly builds system with nightlies for Synergy. This is because I want to move towards a more open development process.

Today Synergy Advance has been added to the nightly builds schedule.

These builds are for the curious who wish to get a sneak peak at work in progress towards the next version. The current official release (0.4) is still the one that is recommended for daily use and is available from the downloads page.

The usual disclaimers apply to the nightly builds:

Nightly builds are generated once per day by an automated system; they are not official releases and they receive no human testing prior to being uploaded. They are provided with no warranty of any kind; use them at your own risk.

I would describe the current Synergy Advance nightly (Subversion revision 429) as being alpha-quality. There are many rough edges, known issues, and things that plain just don’t work yet. If you keep your eye on the Nightlog RSS feed and the Subversion commits feed you’ll see that things very rapidly move towards beta-level and then final release before the end of this month (April 2007).

If you have any questions you’re welcome to contact me at