Synergy Advance 0.5.1b seeded to beta testers

A new beta of Synergy Advance, version 0.5.1b, has just been seeded to beta testers (see the announcement posted to the Synergy Advance beta testers mailing list) which includes the features whose development I’ve been talking about on my personal weblog over the last few days. These include new hot keys and a customizable Dock Menu, plus the ability to set half-star ratings from the Dock and Global Menus, in addition to bug fixes and other enhancements fully described in the change log.

There are still some minor issues to be fixed in the beta, but the software is quite usable in its current form. The latest official stable release, 0.4, continues to be available from the downloads page.

Rather than doing a non-beta 0.5 release I decided to press on adding new features and jump straight to 0.5.1 beta. I’m still hoping to hit 1.0 by the time Apple releases Leopard in October 2007.

If you’d like to try it out, please see the downloads page. Licenses can be purchased here.