Synergy 3.5a released

The last Synergy release, version 3.2, was Leopard-compatible but would also run on all versions of Mac OS X from Jaguar onwards.

Today marks the availability of the first release in the 3.5 series, a total rewrite in Objective-C 2.0 which will run only on Leopard. This is a conservative migration — I’ve attempted to make all the changes while exactly preserving the existing behaviour and performance — but due to the invasive nature of this (almost every source file touched) this build is labelled as 3.5a (alpha), which means it is of experimental status. As we move forward more Leopard-specific enhancements will be made.

A full changelog appears here.

You can download the new release from here and purchase a license using this page. The 3.2-series can still be downloaded from here. This is a free upgrade for users who already hold a valid Synergy license.