Synergy 2.3 release candidate

The release candidate for Synergy 2.3 has just been released. The new version features some major architectural changes; Synergy is now a Universal Binary that can run natively on both Intel and PowerPC processors. A full changelog appears here.

The release has already been seeded to beta testers. If you wish to participate in the testing effort you can download the release candidate from here and report any bugs or issues that you might find here (but remember to do a search first). The current, stable release (version 2.2) continues to be available for download from here. If you’re interested in getting access to this kind of build in the future subscribe to the synergy-beta mailing list at If all goes well, this build will shortly be declared final and a formal release announcement will be made; if you’d like to be among the first to know, subscribe to the synergy-announce or wincent-announce mailing lists.

Porting software to the Intel platform requires a significant financial outlay. Wincent is making Universal Binary versions of all Wincent products available for free to registered users. If you’d like to support Wincent’s ongoing development efforts, please consider making a donation or buying a license for the upcoming product, Synergy Advance.\