State of the Spam-ion 2010 Address

The spam "problem" is getting worse. Since my last report in April 2009 there has been a considerable growth in the volume of spam.

The good news is that the tools used to handle the problem (in particular, SpamSieve) are more than up to the task, so "quality of life" hasn’t really been affected at all.

January 2010 numbers

Filtered Mail
379,111 Good Messages
529,484 Spam Messages (58%)
281 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
289 False Positives
1,330 False Negatives (82%)
99.8% Correct

5,791 Good Messages
8,208 Spam Messages (59%)
493.841 Total Words

1,937 Blocklist Rules
10,181 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
10/11/04 11:42


  • The number of spam messages per day has continued to shoot up since the last report (from 235 per day to 281 per day)
  • Spam now accounts for 58% of all mail I receive
  • SpamSieve maintained its accuracy of 99.8% correct, and the number of detected false positives since the last report (8 months) was a very respectable 5.