Product and site news

As part of the site redesign, there is a new section (which you are reading right now), "Product and site news". This section (together with the Knowledge base section) takes over from the weblog at, which has existed in one form or another since 1997. To make it easy to find the new section, requests for will be automatically redirected here. You can continue to access the archives of material posted on the old weblog by directing your browser to


The site now known as "" began its life on the web in 1997 as "Wincent’s Website", although it did not move to its own domain name until a couple of years later. On moving to the dot-org domain, it switched to a weblog format.

In 2002 with the release of Synergy, the nature of the site changed. It now had to serve not only as an informational weblog, but as a product website as well.

In 2003 I acquired the domain name and tried to establish a separation between the commercial content (products) which would be hosted on, and the non-commercial content (articles, tips, information) which would continued to be hosted on

But as I’ve added more and more products to the lineup, the separation between the dot-com and the dot-org domains hasn’t been all that clear. To add to the confusion, additional subdomains have sometimes made it hard to locate information. For example, users who search for information at may not realize that there are useful resources on the parent site (, forums (, a bug-tracking and feature request database (, and the weblog (

The site redesign is largely directed at clearing up all this confusion and unifying and into one easy to navigate website.

People who have been visiting for years will be able to continue typing "" into their browser’s location bar and will arrive here. But new visitors coming here for the first time will be able to get here by clicking on the "News" link that appears in the navigation bar at the top of every page. The navigation bar is now consistent across the entire site, including all the product websites. Although the subdomains continue to exist, they now redirect to addresses in the hierarchy. For example, now redirects to And as you’ll see, the navigation bar know includes "bread crumb" links that enable you to easily navigate upwards in the directory hierarchy.

I hope that these changes make the site more useful for everybody.