Kagi store prices now set in Euros

A number of changes have just gone live to the Wincent store hosted by the Kagi payment processor service:

  • I’ve switched over to the new Kagi store format which means that customers can now choose to display prices in over a dozen different currencies.
  • The new store is better-looking.
  • The old store format format forced me to set my prices in US dollars; prices are now set in Euros, but you can display and pay using the currency of your choice.
  • The new store will allow me to accept coupon codes and set up special discounts; I’ll be publishing news about special offers on this weblog.
  • The move to Euros now means that prices will be kept in sync regardless of whether you choose to pay using Kagi or with PayPal; the only exception is the Synergy single-user license which continues to be significantly cheaper via PayPal due to their lower fees (5€ with PayPal but 10€ with Kagi).

For more information about choosing a payment service please see the answer to this Frequently Asked Question. To purchase a Wincent product please see the Wincent Store for an overview of all available products, or go directly to the Synergy purchase page or Synergy Advance purchase page.