Involuntary Reboot Log: #38

Lesson of the day, never double-click the application you can find at /Developer/Applications/Performance Tools/CHUD/Hardware Tools/Reggie SE. I just made that mistake, out of curiosity, and it hard froze my system. By "hard freeze" I mean that not even the mouse pointer would move, the clock stopped updating, the machine did not respond to pings from elsewhere on the local network, and the only thing that seemed to be working well were the fans (roaring like hair dryers).

Half an hour later, I’m back up, after rebooting from the Mac OS X install DVD and running Disk First Aid just to be safe, and hoping that none of the open files I was working on at the time were corrupted. This is the 38th "involuntary reboot" I’ve had since purchasing this machine (9 kernel panics and 29 hard resets). The mean time between such failures has been about 10 days.

Ironically, I only double-clicked on Reggie SE because Spotlight had just let me down, beachballing eternally when I typed "Spin con" in an effort to find the Spin Control application to assist me with my debugging efforts. In my manual file system browsing I hit Reggie SE and decided to check it out… bad move.