Email response times

I’m currently switching ISPs so at some point this month I expect my Internet access will be cut and I am not sure when the new provider will become active. Today I sent a letter to my current provider asking them to close my account and I also lodged my application with the new provider. So I am really not sure when the changeover will take place but I expect it will be within the next 30 days. I do not know how much downtime will be involved so please be aware that my email response time might not be as speedy as usual, as I will have to make trips outside the office with my laptop to get access. The automated systems (for things like lost license code retrieval, purchasing, bug reporting and so forth) will remain fully operational. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Update 21 May 2006: I’ve just been informed by the old ISP that my old connection will be active until 26 May 2006. I’ve already signed the transfer authorization to the new ISP so hopefully there won’t be too much delay (although it is possible seeing as both the ISP and the new one are third-party private companies that depend on the ex-government monopoly, Telefonica, to handle the disconnection and reconnection of the ADSL line).

Update 29 May 2006: My old ISP cut access off 5 days early and since then I’ve been struggling with Telefónica to get temporary dial-up access to tide me over until the new ADSL connection goes live. Finally today I got that dial-up access after a whole week of trying, so I now have semi-regular access again and will be able to reply to emails much more promptly.