Connectivity issues

I’ve just been informed that our local network provider will be changed over at some point this month (the exact date isn’t known). This website will continue to be operational throughout as it is hosted offsite — so the store, the forums, the mailing lists, the bug and feature requests database, the knowledge base, the lost serial retrieval interface, the public source code repository and so on will all continue to be available — but my local connectivity will go down for a period that will most likely range from a few days to as much as two weeks. This means that email response times might be a bit slower than usual during the outage. I’ll post an update here once the changeover is complete.


It appears that the new ADSL line is up and running again (15 September 2007), several days before I expected it to come online. Downtime was just over 48 hours; suprisingly good for Spain. Barring any glitches connectivity should now be uninterrupted.