Calling all developers: visit

Minimizing software piracy requires a balancing act. At one extreme, a developer could devote 100% of her time to fighting piracy but never have a marketable product because no time would be spent on developing features; at the other, a developer could make no efforts at all to stop piracy and find that the business never gets off the ground because too many sales are lost.

I’ve launched (Update: the site is now at to help developers find that sweet spot where they can invest a minimal amount of time in fighting piracy yet maximize the effectiveness of their efforts. The result: a stronger business which can afford to invest more resources into making great products. It’s a win-win situation for developers and users; the only people who miss out are the pirates.

The idea is to take a leaf out of the pirates’ book and apply their motto ("share the wealth") to the anti-piracy effort. By sharing information developers can combat piracy much more efficiently. If you are a developer I encourage you to head over to the site and take a look.