Announcing REnamer

If you look at the products listing you’ll see that there is now a new entry in the ranks, REnamer.

REnamer is a file renaming utility based on three design principles: power, simplicity, and elegance.

Simple because it uses the familiar metaphor of "Find and Replace" which we all know from word processing. Even a beginner can rename large batches of files in mere seconds.

Powerful because through Regular Expressions (the "RE" in REnamer) it allows you to transform your filenames in complex ways with a minimum of effort.

Elegant because its thoughtful design combines all this into an attractive, uncluttered and expressive interface which shows you a live preview of what changes will be made to your filesystem.

Please head on over to the product page and check out the sneak preview screencast which shows a small part of REnamer in action. Sign up to the beta testing mailing list while you’re there too.

I’m currently planning on releasing a public beta at the beginning of February, with a view to releasing version 1.0 by the middle of the month. Licenses will cost 9.95€ (Euros).