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June 1, 2006

Upgrading to MySQL 4.1.20 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3

It's amazing how quick and painless it is to upgrade from MySQL 4.1.19 to version 4.1.20 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.

# get the RPMs (see for local mirror URLs)

mkdir mysql-4.1.20 cd mysql-4.1.20 wget \ \ \ \ \
# # do the actual upgrade #
rpm -Uvh --test *.rpm sudo service httpd stop sudo service mysql stop sudo rpm -Uvh *.rpm sudo service httpd start
# # post-upgrade checks #
rpm -qa | grep MySQL sudo service --status-all | grep httpd ps auxww | grep -i mysql sudo chkconfig --list | grep mysql

And it would be even easier if it could be handled by up2date like the rest of the system. Human intervention is only required in this case because RHEL ES 3 only ships with MySQL 3.23 by default. If you want the features of the 4.1 series you have to manually upgrade.

Posted by wincent at June 1, 2006 1:44 AM