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March 09, 2006

Eliminating "X-Authentication-Warning" headers from Squirrelmail

So I just upgraded my Squirrelmail installation to the latest stable release (1.4.6). While I was at it I decided to see if I could eliminate the annoying "X-Authentication-Warning" headers that were being added to outgoing mail sent using Squirrelmail. I wanted to eliminate this because it's possible that strict spam filters might reject messages with this header; also the warnings were cluttering up my LogWatch reports with noise.

The problem

Basically, headers like the following were being added:

X-Authentication-Warning: apache set sender to using -f

The solution

In order to overcome this you need to have the "trusted users" feature enabled in Sendmail (I believe it is by default in Red Hat Enterprise Linux):


Then all that has to be done is to add "apache" to /etc/mail/trusted-users and rebuild the Sendmail configuration (if you changed it). I also stopped and restarted Sendmail for good measure; not sure if that's required.

Posted by wincent at March 9, 2006 02:04 PM