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About Wincent Colaiuta

Wincent Colaiuta is a software developer, Mac commentator and recognised authority on Mac OS X. He maintains a web presence at, the official Wincent software site which now incorporates what was previously known as, a Mac-centric weblog and information site. Wincent's personal blog can be found here.

Wincent became well known in the world of the Mac web in 2001 in the lead-up to the release of Mac OS X 10.0 due to his infamous series of pre-release exposés of the highly anticipated operating system. At its peak, the website was attracting more than 50,000 page views per day.

He has written for Lycos and been a regular columnist for the Macobserver, where he co-wrote the Hot Cocoa column during 2001. His work has been translated into Japanese.

Wincent and the Mac

Wincent has been a Mac user since 1996 and a computer user since his childhood in the early 80s.

He sees himself as a Macintosh user and advocate for far into the forseeable future. He believes that the wedding between the power of Unix and the user experience of the Mac is a winning formula that firmly places Mac OS X as the world's best desktop operating system.

Other biographical information

Wincent is an Australian citizen, although he currently lives in Spain. He is a fluent speaker of English and Spanish.

Is Wincent related to the famous drummer, Vinnie Colaiuta?

No. There is no relation.

Does Wincent have a PEM email certificate?

Yes, this PEM certificate corresponds to Wincent's current email address ( and can be used to send encrypted mail to Wincent or verify his signature on emails. (See this article for information on how to obtain an email certificate and set up encrypted mail on Mac OS X.)

Older certificates — 2007, and 2006 (which corresponds to Wincent's old address, — and can be used to verify his signature on older emails.

The quickest way of getting in touch with Wincent is to use the Contact form on this website, but if encryption is important you can send email to

Does Wincent have a PGP key?

Yes, and it can be found at: